Proposal for New Residential Development

Full details of this proposal, including the development plan, can be found here.

At the Kilmaronock Community Council meeting held on 9 May over 70 local residents, by a show of hands, demonstrated their opposition to the proposal to build 11 properties in the field behind Gartocharn Church and the Millennium Hall.


The main points of concern are:

  • The proposal is outwith the village envelope and therefore against the current Dumbarton District Local Plan, and similarly with respect to the NP Finalised Draft Local Plan
  • The proposal is located in a National Scenic Area
  • The proposal would grossly affect the amenity of the immediate area particularly that to the north of the Kilmaronock Millennium Hall (KMH), and adversely affect the renowned natural and undisturbed views. Arguably the attractiveness/usage of the hall could be adversely affected
  • Noise: KMH noise could disturb the new housing with potential negative effects on hall usage.
  • Traffic: considerable increase in local traffic on very narrow and tight roads, with extremely tight manouvering requirements.

It should also be noted that aim 1 of the NP is to 'conserve and enhance the natural and cultural heritage of the area'; if there is a conflict with other NP aims then this takes precedence (this is in statute ie the law). The proposal could hardly be described as complying with aim 1.

Comments on this application can be made direct to the LLTNP through their website or in writing to Ms K. Sweeney, LL&TNP, Carrochan, Balloch G83 8EG quoting planning reference 2011/0062/PPP.

Any such comments must be received by Wednesday 18 May 2011.