Renewable Energy

We are all doing our bit to save the planet but there is still more that we need to do to make a difference for the future. The good news is that we can also save money as we do it. After a meeting in 2008 the Renewable Energy Group was set up and has been taking these issues forward.

The aims of the group are:

  • Village wide study – to investigate the options for a renewable energy project that would generate income for the village. This could be used to fund projects identified in the Kilmaronock Community Action Plan.
  • Millennium Hall – to investigate renewable energy and energy efficiency options for the Millennium Hall, a key objective of which would be to reduce energy costs.
  • Householders – to raise awareness within the community of what options exist for individual householders to reduce energy consumption through energy efficiency measures and the installation of domestic renewable energy systems.

Activities to date include:

  • Renewable Energy Day in Millennium Hall giving information on renewable schemes for householders held in June 2009.
  • Participation in Communities Go Green, working with other Park Communities to submit an application to the Climate Challenge Fund
  • Monthly stall at Friday Coffee Morning supported by the Energy Savings Trust to encourage people to complete energy audits and identify savings of both energy and money!
  • Study commissioned for a village renewable energy project.


KCT is taking part in the National Park project, Community Futures Goes Green. Along with seven other communities in the National Park a successful bid was submitted to the Climate Challenge Fund through the NP Community Partnership. Celia Burn is representing Kilmaronock in this. Some elements of this project are:-

  • To carry out a comprehensive doorstep questionnaire covering 90% of all households in the period January - August 2010. This will identfiy where savings – both in energy and money – can be made
  • To work with the Community Hall Committee and Community Energy Scotland to audit and implement measures for community buildings.
  • To implement an Energy Monitor loan scheme to support people in making energy savings within the home every day.

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