Mobile Library Service

The Mobile Library Service is free to all residents of West Dunbartonshire.

The wheelchair-accessible mobile library van visits areas throughout West Dunbartonshire which are some distance away from the branch libraries.

Stock includes books, large print books and talking books suitable for adults and young people.

Becoming a member is straightforward. Application forms are available on the van and you will be asked to produce two forms of identification. If you already have a library card, you may use it on the Mobile Library as well as in any library within West Dunbartonshire.

Items borrowed from the Mobile Library may also be returned to any branch library.

If you cannot find the item you are looking for on the Mobile Library, you may request it free of charge. Via this service Customers have access to all of West Dunbartonshire Libraries’ stock.

The Mobile Library calls fortnightly in the Gartocharn area at the following locations and times:

Alternate Tuesdays

Blairennich Cottages            10.00 - 10.20 am

Lagganbeg Caravan Park    10.25 - 10.50 am

Gallangad Farm                   11.20 - 11.40 am

Gartocharn Lay-by                 1.30 -  2.00 pm

They are happy to call at other locations if requested.

For further information, please contact:

Mobile Library Service Tel. 01389 608037 or 01389 772150


Housebound Library Service

Do you enjoy reading, listening to talking books or music, but can’t get to the library owing to ill health, disability or age?

Let us bring the Library to you . . .

The Housebound Library Service is free to all residents in West Dunbartonshire who are unable to visit a branch or mobile library owing to age, disability or long term illness which normally confines them to their home.  Customers are visited in their own homes by trained staff every four weeks.

When you apply to use the service, library staff will contact you and ask you about the type of books you prefer; whether large or ordinary print; hardback or paperback or talking books. They will bring music CDs if you wish.  Magnifying sheets are available to assist with reading.

They will select and deliver books, CDs or cassettes to your home and collect any items for return. You can request specific items free of charge and they will do their best to bring you the type of book, talking book or music you most enjoy.

If you or anyone you know would like to use this service please get in touch with the Housebound Library Service on one of the numbers below, with your details, and they will contact you to arrange visits.

Housebound Library Service Tel. 01389 608037 or 01389 772150