The Village Shop – a Bit of History

Margaret and Andy Forshaw bought the village shop from the McEwan family in 1949. Before the McEwan family owned the shop it was a Cobblers. Lomond View House (which adjoins the shop) was sold to Dr and Mrs Mack in 1947 for £1,700. Margaret, Andy and Fiona moved from The Old School House into what we now know as Lomond View Stores. Electricity was only installed in 1950/1951.

Initially the village shop and the Post Office were two separate businesses. In 1906 the Post Office was run from Beechwood in the Main Street by Miss Wilson. The telephone number was GART1 – today the Post Office telephone number is 201. The Post Office then moved to Leaholm, on Duncryne Road, and was run by Bob Rankin until  it moved to its current location in 1952 and Margaret Forshaw became the Postmistress. The old post office desk moved to all the different locations!

In January 1964, Allan Methven and Matt Law bought the Shop, Post Office and Garage. When Matt retired due to ill health, Fiona and Allan Methven bought Matt's share and ran the business until they retired in the summer of 2004 and sold the business to Mary McKenzie, the current owner.