Duncryne or The Dumpling

The Dumpling, or to give it its proper name, Duncryne, is a volcanic plug left behind from the ice age when the Loch Lomond glacier slowly crept south, from what is now Loch Lomond, taking everything but the plug with it. The hill rises some 460 feet/142 metres and despite not being the highest hill in the area it gives us what many consider to be one of the most stunning panoramic views in Central Scotland . . . on a good day that is!

The Dumpling is privately owned and, with the assistance of one or two locals, is maintained by the owners, so please bear that in mind when on their land.

For many years, John Groome who lived in Duncryne Cottage, took on the role of 'guardian' of the Dumpling; he took his voluntary position very seriously and a great deal of the past 30 years was spent maintaining the path, picking up the rubbish and generally making sure that we all behaved appropriately at all times! He made the signs you can't fail to see at the gate, there was one other which is no longer in existence, but remembered by many – "God sends the rain, man makes the mud!" – quite fitting for this part of the world. In the autumn he would leave a basket of windfall apples for all and sundry to help themselves. He in 2009 at the grand old age of 101 – he was quite a character!