The Walk

For visitors to the area interested in doing the Dumpling walk, access to the top is only available from Duncryne Road (if coming from the east take the first left off the A811; from the west go through the village of Gartocharn and take the first turn on the right after the Hungry Monk). Approximately half a mile up Duncryne Road there is a lay-by on the left hand side where you will find the gate leading up to the top of the Dumpling – there is parking space for a few cars only. If it's particularly busy please would you take your car back down to the village and walk up from there? There is a car park at the Millennium Hall (turn left out of Duncryne Road onto the A811 and almost immediately turn right into Church Road – the Hall is at the end of Church Road).

It would be sensible to wear either wellies or walking boots, but at the very least trainers, as it can be rather muddy, particularly in winter! The climb starts off quite gradually, but once through the gate on the Dumpling itself it gets steeper, particularly near the top, so do take care. Bear in mind that every ounce of effort made will be well rewarded when you finally get to the top and see the most stunning panoramic view up the loch, across to the Campsies and, on a very good day, to the hills of Arran in the west. "It's like being on top of the world" has been uttered by young and old on many an occasion!

We do ask that you bear in mind that the Dumpling is very much a special place to the inhabitants of Gartocharn – please treat it with the respect it deserves.


  • Stick to the path at all times
  • Do not light any fires
  • Take your litter home (and anyone else's if you're feeling benevolent!)
  • Don't lose sight of your dogs (or children!)
  • Enjoy the experience